Cerebro Road Show India

Hire Cerebro team for private meetings and presentation!
Learn how to easily manage projects and produce the best VFX and Animation using Cerebro and rxtend rendering capacities with Turborender .

MUMBAI Mettings
20th - 24th August

26th - 29th August
Cerebro is a project management and collaborative software. It was designed for marketing departments, construction companies, VFX and animation studios, as well as architectural buro.
Leading VFX & Animation сompanies сhoose Cerebro
«Cerebro is really comfortable and easy to use — our team got used to the new interface in a week.»
Vadim Sotskov
CEO of the KinoAtis studio
«From start to finish, we had only fourteen and a half months. It was a tiresome project to finish on time. Without Cerebro, it would not have been possible at all.»
R.C. Kamalakannan
VFX Supervisor, Baahubal 2
«We needed a practical and effective production management tool and this is where Cerebro greatly came into play.»
Hideki Kawata,
CG artist, Transparent House.
Privat meeting will be interesting for:
Motion design
In search
Those who are thinking about choosing a project and pipeline management system
Сerebro Newcomers
Those who are new to Cerebro
Trial version
Those who are just started using the trial version of Cerebro
Victoria Vanyushkina
Sales Manager, Cerebro
Victoria will introduce you Cerebro software and tell VFX and Animation customer success stories. She will share key practices on project management in those industries and present a workflow so that you can get started with Cerebro.

Valentin Dorokhov
Founder, Turborender
He has more than 26 Russian and foreign full features movies in his experience, such as Salute-7, The Crew, Attraction, Final fantasy: Kingsglave. Turborender started as a small automatic render-farm for interior design and architectural visualization. In 2014, they got their first full-features cartoon. His company Turborender have provided parallel work for 7-8 VFX-studios from different countries in one project at once with different pipelines on the same render-farm using thousands of render-servers in last projects.
Because of development in the Russian market, they keep the lowest prices for the VFX render. Now his company has become a Microsoft partner, which makes it possible to provide an unlimited amount of rendering capacities.
Unique opportunity to learn
Best practices in Project managment and building pipeplines
How to upscale Rendering capacities
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You are VFX/Animation company located in Mumbai or Bangalore and looking for a system for project and pipeline management system or how to upscale render capasities? We offer meting in MUMBAI 20th - 24th August and BANGALORE 26th - 29th August.
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